1. To achieve a higher level of dance ability
  2. To receive high caliber instruction from dance masters in Ukraine
  3. Learn choreography to bring back to your group
  4. Learn dance instruction theory and practical tips on teaching your students
  5. Learn performance technique and scene development
  6. Understand the historic background of regional Ukrainian dances
  7. Meet fellow Ukrainian dancers from all over the world
  8. Tour cultural attractions in Kyiv and surrounding area
  9. Experience an intense cultural program in the homeland of Ukrainian dance. The opportunity of a lifetime!


  1. Dancers aged 16 years and up
  2. Instructors and Artistic Directors
  3. Physically fit individuals who can dance for up to five hours per day


  1. Download and print out: Application Form (Please open with Adobe Reader 5.0 or later). To view a PDF file, you must have Adobe Acrobat Viewer installed on your computer. If you do not have the Acrobat Viewer installed, you may download it for free from Adobe's Web Site by clicking on the button.
  2. Complete and submit your application by July 1st, 2012


A $100 USD deposit is required to guarantee your enrolment in the session. The cheque can be made out to "International Dance School, Yuri Grekov"

Mail To

The International Summer School of Ukrainian Dance
C/o Yuri Grekov
66 Bellagio Crescent
Concord, ON, Canada
L4K 5K7


Black tights/leggings, White T-shirt, White or Black ballet slippers, Heeled Jazz Shoes/Boots.

Black or Pink tights, Solid colored leotards, Ballet skirts acceptable,Black or Pink ballet slippers, Heeled Jazz Shoes/Character shoes, Hair accessories to pull hair off neck and face.