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Ideya i Chyn (Idea and Action). Journal of the OUN Leadership, 1942-1946. Reprint of the Underground Journal. Eds., Jurij Majiwskyj and Yevhen Shtendera. Toronto, Litopys UPA, 1995. 592 pp., ISBN 0-920092-28-4, hard cover, illustrations.


This volume of Litopys UPA is a reprint of the underground journal Ideya i chyn, which was the organ of the Leadership of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists in Ukraine from 1942 to 1946. Published in the journal were official OUN documents, articles of a theoretical, political, informational or polemical nature, commentaries and reviews of current events, lists of the fallen on the fields of glory, bibliographies of underground publications and the like. This journal is important for researchers of the history of the UPA and the Ukrainian armed resistance of the Second World War, because it reflected the official policy of the OUN in Ukraine and showed the development of the organization's political thinking. The journal published much information about the armed struggle in Ukraine and other events which was culled from underground reports and from eyewitnesses and thus can serve as valuable source material.

Ideya i chyn was printed in the OUN's underground print shop. The issues are 21 by 29 cm in size, have from 24 to 36 pages, and show a wide variety of typefaces. Only the tenth issue, published in 1946, varies from this norm, being 76 pages in length and with little variety in fonts. This issue was probably printed in a different facility. Quite possibly the print shop used previously had to be abandoned, but some of the type from it was saved.

The journal came out irregularly. In 1942, only one issue appeared; in 1943 four issues were published; in 1944 and 1945 there were two issues per year, and in 1946 there was one issue, almost triple the size of the others. The editors of the journal were Dmytro Mayivskyi, Myroslaw Prokop, Mykhailo Palidovych, and for the last issue, probably Petro Fedun (Petro Poltaval).

We are grateful to Myroslaw Prokop for his broad introduction to this volume. We are reprinting all materials without any omissions; we have changed, where so required, the letter 'z' to 'r' (it seems the printers did not have this letter at hand, since it appears nowhere in the text.) All changes and corrections, save for the letter 'r', are indicated with square brackets, and the three pages of Errata in and for issue 10, are also so denoted, but all in italics.

All the issues of the journal we are reprinting come from the Document Collection of Mykola Lebed, General Secretary for Foreign Affairs of the Supreme Ukrainian Liberation Council, from that collection, which has been referred to in the past as the "Archives of the ZP UHVR", where the journal is kept under the catalogue number D2-2 to 8. The photographs reproduced here are from the collection mentioned above, from the "Litopys UPA" Archives, and from other sources, as credited.

The editors wish to thank all the organizations and individuals who helped prepare this volume of Litopys UPA for print. In particular, we thank Myroslaw Prokop for information about the journal and the introductory article, Mykola Lebed and Petro Sodol for all materials from the Document Collection of M. Lebed, Petro Duzhyi for providing the true names of some additional unknown authors, Zonia Keywan for her translations into English, Antin Ivakhniak for editorial assistance, Stepan Shpak for help with the indexes and the late Volodymyr Makar for help with proofreading.

Jurij Majiwskyj
Yevhen Shtendera


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