Why InfoUkes?

InfoUkes is the largest Information Resource about Ukraine and Ukrainians on the Internet. As of April 1st 1998, there was over 30,072 Web Pages in over 600 Megabytes worth of materials. For the month of March 1998, the average number of files requested per day was 30619, the average number of Megabytes transferred per day was 244.544, and the average number of Web Pages viewed per day was 11818. This is the equivalent of a single web page being viewed every 7.3 seconds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The average growth rate for access is 10%-16% per month.

InfoUkes also hosts 15+ discussion lists where people from around the world can discuss topics of interest about Ukraine and/or Ukrainians. It proves to be an excellent forum for queries and discussions.

InfoUkes acts as a magnet to people searching for information about Ukraine and Ukrainians. If you are interested in targeting such a niche market, than InfoUkes has a solution for your business or organization. So think of InfoUkes first as your gateway to all things Ukrainian.


Types of Services Provided and Rates

InfoUkes Banner Ads

A Banner Advertisement is available for the main page and all 30+ second & third tier pages (except those rented out under Topical Page Sponsorship). The front page is accessed in excess of 8500 visits per month (as of November 30th 1997) and growing. InfoUkes is offering the Banner ad for $50 per month. There are limitations on the banner size of 20 KB and a three-loop limit for animated GIFs. The banner size is fixed to a size of 468 pixels in width by 60 pixels in height. The customer usually supplies their own banner. Banners can be scanned in or created for a service charge, final cost depending on the complexity of the banner artwork. We recommend that you visit the InfoUkes Stats Page or click on the above graphs to get a feel for our growth curve of Internet accesses.

Topical Page Sponsorship

InfoUkes Inc. will be offering certain topical pages available for Sponsorship. The rate for Page sponsorship is $100 per page per month. Specified Popular pages such as the Map Server, WWW Links page, Lemkos page etc will be available for exclusive sponsorship. The Sponsors of a specific page will be able to place their own banner on the page and will not have to share it with other advertisers.

Web Page Hosting

InfoUkes Inc. offers a Web Page Hosting Service. For $100 per year, a Ukrainian related Business or Organization receives 5 Megabytes of Storage. Should the customer require 10 Megabytes of storage, the rate is $200 per year. For each additional 5 Megabytes of storage the extra rate is $100 per year. These rates are dependent on the customer supplying their own Web pages. Some cgi-bin capabilities can be made available upon approval by the administration.

List Servers

InfoUkes Inc. offers a List server for organizations. For $25 per month one receives the following services: administration of the list, setup of the archive retrieval of messages, open or closed readership (i.e. whether it is public or selected readership).

Web Page Design

Web Page Design Services are available to clients. The rate is $50 per page for fairly simple pages with graphics to $100 per page for sophisticated pages that make use of forms, custom cgi-bin programs, and Java scripts. Quantity discount pricing are available upon request.

Virtual Hosting

Virtual Hosting, i.e. www.mycompany.com or www.myorganization.org is available for clients. InfoUkes has numerous addresses available for this purpose. Please contact InfoUkes by E-mail at sales@InfoUkes.com for further information and pricing.

InfoUkes Brochures

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Contact Information

To get more information on services provided please feel free to contact InfoUkes Inc. via E-mail at sales@InfoUkes.com.

E-mail: sales@InfoUkes.com

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