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November 1998

1998/11/23 New Pathway

October 1998

1998/10/13 UCCLA: Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association
1998/10/12 Ukrainian Canadian Professional and Business Association of Hamilton
1998/10/08 UKIBOOKS: Presents a New Reading Adventure in Ukrainian
1998/10/04 Ukrainian Canadian Congress - British Columbia Provincial Council

August 1998

1998/08/19 Library, Ukrainian National Federation, Toronto, Canada

June 1998

1998/06/12 Ukraine Posters by Wilton S. Tifft

May 1998

1998/05/31 Brotherhood of Veterans of the 1st Division of the Ukrainian National Army
1998/05/20 "Did Your Baba Come from Austria?" by Orysia Tracz
1998/05/19 The Peter J. Potichnyj Collection on Insurgency and Counter-Insurgency in Ukraine [Updated]
1998/05/07 Kiev or Kyiv?
1998/05/07 Kyiv in Old and Modern Ukrainian
1998/05/07 InfoUkes, FORUM: A Ukrainian Review, No. 97, Fall 1997
1998/05/05 Ukraine or "the Ukraine"?
1998/05/04 Scourging A Nation: CBS and the Defamation of Ukraine
1998/05/03 Metropolitan Andrew Sheptytsky
1998/05/02 InfoUkes Celebrates First Anniversary in Operation

April 1998

1998/04/24 InfoUkes Corporate Page [Updated]
1998/04/16 CBS 60 Minutes Program: "The Ugly Face of Freedom"
1998/04/06 Churches of Ukraine, Peremyshl Eparchy
1998/04/03 Coming to grips with the Ukrainian famine-genocide

March 1998

1998/03/26 Dunai Dancers
1998/03/02 The Last Stand of the Ukrainian Famine-Genocide Deniers
1998/03/01 Canada's National Ukrainian Festival [Dauphin, Manitoba]

February 1998

1998/02/24 Major Upgrade of Ukrainian WWW Links: United Nations in Ukraine
1998/02/24 Major Upgrade of Ukrainian WWW Links: Canada
1998/02/23 Add Site Form for Ukrainian WWW Links
1998/02/23 Ukrainian Related Educational Institutions
1998/02/20 Vesnianka Dance Group
1998/02/17 Pearls of Folk Architecture by M. Sopoliha
1998/02/12 First North American Tour of the Ukrainian Air Force - 1992 [Updated]
1998/02/07 The XVIII Olympic Winter Games 1998 Nagano Japan
1998/02/01 Archbishop Volodymyr Sterniuk

January 1998

1998/01/27 Ukrainian Canadian Professional and Business Federation
1998/01/27 Ukrainian Canadian Professional and Business Association of Ottawa
1998/01/24 Ukrainian Wooden Churches (Dr. Mykhailo Dragan)
1998/01/18 A Few Historical Highlights of Ukrainians in Saskatchewan, Canada
1998/01/18 Golden Gates of Kyiv
1998/01/18 Cossack Cycle in the Ceramics of Sevruk
1998/01/18 Virgin of Kyiv Icon

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